The UK Cohousing Network describes cohousing as:

“Intentional communities, created and run by their residents. Each household has a self-contained, private home as well as shared community space. Residents come together to manage their community, share activities, and regularly eat together.

Cohousing is a way of resolving the isolation many people experience today, recreating the neighbourly support of the past. This can happen anywhere, in your street or starting a new community using empty homes or building new.”

At ManCoHo we view cohousing as a powerful response to some of the social and environmental challenges we face today, and an inspirational rethink of the way we go about our daily lives.

There is much more to read online about what cohousing is and what it seeks to achieve. But the following videos perhaps provide the best introduction to – and a flavour of – what lived-in cohousing communities in the UK feel like: