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We would like to grow our membership and are inviting interested individuals and families to please get in touch. We would love to hear from you if you would like to receive updates on our progress, attend our regular social meet-ups or even join the Development Group to help move the project forward.

ManCoHo Update

Manchester Intergenerational CoHousing (ManCoHo) is a group of Greater Manchester residents who have come together with the aim of creating a neighbourhood of approximately 20 highly sustainable homes. Our community will be created and run jointly by its residents, and open to anyone who shares its values.

ManCoHo will follow the cohousing principles of inclusion, support and consensus.

The vision is to create a community that will have sustainability as a core principle that guides decision-making throughout the project, from the physical structures to the tenures of the homes, as well as in the organisational structures and community values.

ManCoHo will establish a safe and sociable environment for children and adults to live balanced lifestyles, where we will support each other in living ecologically sensitive lifestyles. Mutual support and shared common values will be key to its success.

Community Led Housing Components

We are currently exploring a Community Land Trust (CLT) model, which has afforability as a fundamental principle. This would most likely involve first establishing as a Community Benefit Society (CBS), using a set of model rules developed by the CLT Network.

To tackle housing affordability ManCoHo plans to mitigate the speculative aspect of the housing market by employing a mixed model consisting of 80% market rate privately owned homes (20% retained by the CLT), shared ownership, and both affordable and social tenancies managed through a housing provider partner.

These will all share the expected cohousing features including but not limited to:

  • A common house and circa 20 passivhaus self-contained units; a mix of sizes and configurations between 1 to 4 bedroom properties with small private gardens or balconies.
  • Communal kitchen, large dining space, workspaces, multi-purpose rooms and guest bedrooms will be included in the common house.
  • Sustainability aspects such as car-pooling and limited parking at the site boundary, adequate personal bike storage, shared electric cargo bikes and food growing allotments
  • A site designed to encourage social interaction using almost entirely pedestrian design, with permaculture design principles being employed in the green spaces
  • Wider community benefits will be realised in the form of outreach and education, interest groups and community allotment.

The exact mix of facilities will be established through group workshops and may have to be scaled depending on the site chosen for development.


Current Situation

Currently we in the beginnings of establishing as a Community Benefit Society and Community Land Trust. There are a number of funding routes available, and which route is followed will inform the next steps prior to incorporation.

We share regular updates with Manchester Community Led Housing Hub and are currently in discussion with or exploring potential within the following borough councils:

  • Trafford
  • Bury
  • Manchester
  • Stockport
  • Salford

Political support has generally been forthcoming within all of these areas, though there are still huge constraints on funds and land availability. The group remains open-minded as to where the community is finally located, but have developed a brief site criteria to help guide our continued search and communicate to potential partners our needs. The site criteria have been produced through a survey of our existing members and is based largely on enabling sustainable lifestyles (one of the groups core objectives). The main criteria are as follows:

  • 30-40 minutes commute to Manchester City Centre
  • Location should be urban or suburban
  • Within 1 mile of public transport connections
  • Within 1 mile of shops and amenities
  • Good air quality
  • Good schools